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Stephan Bogner
Founder of Rockstone Research and CEO of Elementum International AG

Stephan Bogner (Dipl. Kfm., FH)  began his academic studies in economics at the International School of Management in Dortmund (Germany) and was one of many who was hooked by the thrilling lectures of Professor Bocker about economics and monetary systems. Yet he was (and still is) the only student of the university that wrote a diploma thesis on precious metals as a protection against inflation (“Gold in a Macroeconomic Context with Special Consideration of the Price Formation Process”) that was completed in 2002 under the supervision of Professor Bocker. Mr Bogner specialized in Finance & Asset Management, Production & Logistics and International Law & Entrepreneurship. He also studied at the European Business School in London (UK) and the University of Queensland in Brisbane (Australia). In 2003, he started working closely with Ferdinand Lips, among others to publish and market his latest bestseller (“Gold Wars – The Battle Against Sound Money As Seen From A Swiss Perspective“) in the German-speaking countries. Bogner revised and translated the English version into German (“Die Gold Verschwörung”). In 2004, he went to work at the biggest gold market in the world (Dubai), where he started up two companies specialized in re-selling and brokering physical commodities as well as consulting services for publicly listed mining companies. Bogner was co-founder and, until late 2006, partner of the first German silver stockletter and online information platform ( besides dealing with coins and bars. Since 2003, Bogner is specialized on the analysis and valuation of capital markets and publicly listed companies with a focus on geology, exploration, development and production of resource deposits. Since years, he lives in Zurich (Switzerland) and regularly publishes articles in German and English about economic contexts, currencies, commodities and companies active in exploration and mining of natural resources worldwide. Besides his activities as an analyst, Bogner is CEO of Swiss based Elementum International AG specialized in the duty-free storage of bullion at a high security vaulting facility within the St. Gotthard Mountain Massif in central Switzerland. Prof. Bocker serves as Chairman of Elementum International, whereas Thorsten Schulte (, known as the silver expert #1 in Germany, functions as board member. Please visit for more information in English. 

Prof. Dr. Hans J. Bocker
President of Institut Prof. Dr. Bocker GmbH and Chairman of Elementum International AG

Dipl.-Ing., Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Prof. Dr. Bocker resides in central Switzerland and Vancouver, is an economics professor at universities and is active on many fronts holding degrees in economics and engineering. As a cosmopolitan, he works as a consultant, author, finance and economics journalist, columnist and is specialized in precious metals and the mining of natural resources. His endeavours and interests took him to more than 57 countries, including the Middle and Far East, Africa, Europe and North-America. His publications exceed the 2,000 level including more than 150 academic publications. Most of his articles and editorials were published in the German stock-market magazines “Finanz & Wirtschaft” (20 years) and “Börsen-Zeitung“ (11 years), besides the large daily “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung“ (2 years) and “Die Welt“ (1 year). One can find him in all issues of “Who is Who in the World“ between 1991 and 2009. He recharges his batteries and revitalizes through the love for music, specifically Wolfgang A. Mozart, and nature, especially the animal kingdom. Professor Bocker is known worldwide as a finance and economics journalist, columnist, corporate consultant, seminar organizer and author who travels the world in this respect, whereas he is also promoting young researchers as an university professor worldwide [among others: Universities in South-Africa, EBS London, Waterloo, Illinois, International School of Management in Dortmund and European Management School in Mainz, Germany]. He is a member at Rotary International and a passionate piano player. Bocker, who grew up in German Thuringia, studied engineering at TU Darmstadt and economics in Munich, Germany. Among many others functions, he lead numerous projects like the privatization project of the trust institution “Treuhandanstalt” in Berlin. He is a Rotary International member and lives in Alpnach (Switzerland) and Vancouver (Kanada). Bocker writes regularly about economic and political themes in English and German. Please visit for more information and free newsletter registration. 

John P. Barry
Managing Director of Irus Consulting Ltd. and Professional Geologist

A widely travelled and highly experienced economic geologist, John Barry is a confidential counsellor to the likely investor contemplating a considerable investment in the intricate business of mining metals. Don’t take a “flyer” and trust altogether in luck and invest your money in an exploration or mining project on the strength of a printed prospectus or the advice of an interested friend without the preliminary investigation and site visit of a reliable geologist with a basic grasp of commerical reality.  Irus Consulting provides  strategic and practical management advice and guidance  to its clients.  Time is a precious commodity for my clients, and indeed myself, as it relentlessly ebbs away and so I  try as best I can to avoid the mediocre - those projects and their champions which do not engender enthusiastic belief and passion.

Irus services include:
- High-level strategic advice
- Practical guidance and assistance on project sourcing, acquisition and implementation
- Rapid identification of key project value-drivers and potential fatal flaws.
- Capacity building and coordination of  external consultants.
- Design and targeting of effective marketing campaigns

John Barry was part of very small teams which discovered and sourced several multi-million ounce gold deposits in Africa. He has worked as an economic geologist since 1988 and as a consultant and then responding to the entrepreneurial spirit he was a founder and manager of three public resource companies which raised a total of US$70million. These resource companies are currently successfully exploring and developing gold and base metal projects in Europe, and sub-Sahara Africa. John has seen a lot of rocks working for consultancies such as CSA in both Ireland and Australia and as Senior Associate Geologist with Chlumsky Armbrust & Meyer LLC which is based in Denver.  He is a specialist in zin-lead exploration and in 1992 joined the exploration team which discovered the Lisheen zinc-lead deposit in Ireland as the resource was being expanded in the first couple of years after discovery and in 2008 led the first non Polish exploration company to successfully enter and acquire a major resource-project in the Upper Silesian Mississippi-Valley-Type (MVT) zinc-lead district  in southern Poland – the world’s largest minerlised district of its kind. John (P.Geo and EurGeol) holds a Master’s Degree in Geology from Pennsylvania State University and a MBA from the Edinburgh School of Business, Heriot-Watt University, Scotland.

"“I would like to think that I have shown the tenacity, patience and focus required to implement many of my better ideas over the years and that I have learned valuable lessons from some failures. I believe one of my strengths is in communicating quite complex technical ideas in a concrete way that can be easily understood. I am a team- builder and motivator by projecting my enthusiasm and vision for a project. I am committed to the development of young geologists through supportive delegation.”" 

John is now moving more from managing public companies to freelance consultancy and a more advisory role so as to concentrate increasingly on assisting management in effective exploration and discovery. He is Managing Director of his own Exploration Management and Geological Consultancy: Irus Consulting Ltd.

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Luciano Bocanegra
Consulting Economic Geologist, Principal Economic Geologist at Petra Gaia, Chile

Luciano M. Bocanegra is an exploration geologist with 13 years experience in the mining industry, principally in project evaluation and progress through an integrated geological analysis. He is specialized in the exploration of porphyry copper (Mo-Au), porphyry Au-Cu and epithermal systems (Au-Ag). He has very well developed skills in surface mapping (lithology, hydrothermal alteration and mineralization), sampling, core logging, targeting, and vectoring in porphyry and epithermal systems. Luciano has also experience in bauxite, diamonds, iron ore and alluvial gold exploration. He has a proactive attitude towards team work, leadership ability, analytic and with great aptitude on new opportunities generation. Compliant and versatile to role changes. Since 2015 he works as Principal Economic Geologist and Consultant Geologist of Petra Gaia and as Executive Director of Auryn Mining Chile SpA, both in Chile. Luciano is also a partner of the consultancy company, MINERAL VECTOR SERVICES. Previous work: Senior Geologist of Hochschild Mining (leading the generation of new projects and business opportunities, leader of 2 simultaneous projects in the Maricunga Porphyry Au-Cu Belt in Chile, with 2 years spending in Argentina), 3 years as Project Geologist of Rio Tinto in Argentina, and 2 years as Exploration Geologist of Torello Hnos S.A. in Argentina. Education: Pontifica Universidad Católica de Valparaíso & Queen’s University (Postgraduate Degree, Certification and Valuation Of Mining Assets, Mining), Universidad Nacional del Sur (Licentiate Degree in Geology). Contact:


Chris Berry
President of House Mountain Partners LLC and Co-Editor of Disruptive Discoveries Journal

Chris Berry is a well-known writer, speaker, and analyst. He focuses much of his time on Energy Metals -– those metals or minerals used in the generation or storage of energy. He is a student of the theory of Convergence emanating from the Emerging World and believes it will have profound effects across the globe in the coming years. Active on the speaking circuit throughout the world and frequently quoted in the press, Chris spent 15 years working across various roles in sales and brokerage on Wall Street before shifting focus and taking control of his financial destiny.He is also a Senior Editor at Investor Intel. He holds an MBA in Finance with an international focus from Fordham University, and a BA in International Studies from The Virginia Military Institute. Please visit and for more information and registration for free newsletter.

Dr. Michael Berry  
Co-Editor of Disruptive Discovery Journal
Michael Berry was born in Colombia, raised in Canada and has now lived in the US for many years. After earning a Ph.D. from Arizona State University (specializing in investment finance), he was a professor at the Colgate Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia. He followed winning the Wheat First Endowed Chair at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Over time his career evolved into managing small and mid cap value portfolios for Kemper Scudder and Milwaukee based Heartland Advisors. During the past 8 years he has been a guest lecturer at the Federal Reserve twice each year and in 2010 he testified to U.S. Congress on natural resource policy, specifically strategic mineral supply chain development.

Boris Gerjovič   
Independent Consultant & Analyst

mag. Boris Gerjovič (MBA) is an independent and self-employed investment and business consultant who was born in Maribor, Slovenia, where he received his Masters Degree (MBA) in 1993. Since university, Boris has been providing business seminars, workshops and lectures around the world. As an analyst, he has been publishing academic papers on macroeconomics, currencies and precious metals. His article “The truth about the impact of interest rates on the price of gold“ was published worldwide. As an external consultant, Gerjovič has worked for various corporations (including the Chamber of Commerce in Slovenia, Raiffeisen Bank, Nova Kreditna Banka, Slovene Post Bank, KD Group, International Golf cup for managers) in the fields of market research, customer relationship management, PR and commercial presentations. Nowadays, Mr. Gerjovic is active in launching new brands and new products (own patents and innovative products) to the market. His curriculum vitae is available here as a PDF. Contact:

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