At the Tatooine Silica Project in the Canadian province of British Columbia, Homerun Resources (TSX.V: HMR, FSE: 5ZE) has analyzed 27 soil samples. They showed an average silica content of 98.8 percent. 

This was preceded by an extensive exploration program on the ground which helped map the silica project and during which numerous rock samples were taken. After evaluating the findings and compiling the various data, it is becoming apparent that two new structurally repeating units of the Mount Wilson Quartzite Formation have been identified.

One of them has a thickness of 170 meters and an average silica content of 98.8 percent. The new discoveries represent quartzite units encountered to the east of the existing Brisco pit. A total of 62,450 tonnes of quartzite silica has been mined there in the past.

Homerun Resources aims to build on historic mining successes

Homerun Resources naturally wants to build on this historic success and the chances of doing so are good, as a white, high-purity quartzite layer of the Mount Wilson formation has been located in the southeast discovery zone called the Range Zone.

Not only is its thickness exceptionally large at 170 meters. The outcrop is also exceptional, with mapped outcrops ranging in diameter from five to over 100 meters and ranging from very hard on fresh surfaces to moderately friable in areas of more intense weathering.

Other contacts were mapped along the road in the valley bottom. They confirm a thickness of the quartzite rock of about 170 meters, bounded by dolomite to the southwest and shale to the northeast. In uphill strike direction, the zone extends further. 300 meters have been confirmed here, but Homerun Resources believes that a larger mineralized zone can be delineated as the unit clearly continues towards the top of the mountain.

More discoveries are possible

In this direction, an extension of approximately 1.5 kilometers appears possible. In a southeast direction, the area has not yet been mapped by Homerun Resources. However, observations made in the field, together with satellite imagery, indicate that the unit appears to continue in a southeast direction.

The area in which the 28 outcrop samples were taken covers an area of 170 by 300 meters. Within this zone, 27 samples returned an average silica content of 98.80 percent, with individual values varying between 97.56 and 99.19 percent. Twenty-four of these 27 samples even had silicon oxide contents in excess of 98.56 percent.

For Homerun Resources, these values represent a fantastic starting position, because the higher the initial content of the silicon oxide, the easier and more cost-effective it is to subsequently process it further and transfer it to the high purity levels of 99.99 or 99.999 percent (4N / 5N). For these high to extremely high purities, the particularly attractive prices are called for on the market, which Homerun Resources should hope to achieve later during production.

The only remaining low-grade sample was taken at the northeast contact of the silica unit with a shale unit. It probably represents a mixture of quartzite and shale.

Conclusion: For Homerun Resources, the high purity grades of the silica found in the soil samples are an excellent starting point to further advance the development of the project. They will allow a representative bulk sample to be taken from the Range Zone in the coming weeks for metallurgical testing. The results should provide further valuable information and answers to the question of how promising and profitable potential future HPQ production on the property could be. Another part of the Company´s plan to build a globally distributed book of high-purity quartz (HPQ) silica supply is the previously announced agreement for HPQ silica supply from Brazil. As Homerun now also announced, this deal is in the late stages of finalization of a Formal Supply Agreement. 

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