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Dear strategic metals/special minerals investor,

In my Special Report published in May, I already anticipated that the cobalt price would benefit from the surging rise of the production of lithium (Li-on) batteries, with approximately 75% of these batteries using cobalt. Cobalt offers the highest energy density of the various Li-on battery formulas, making them very popular in electric vehicles. 

Compared to lithium, cobalt is a shiny, grey, brittle metal that is best known for creating an intense blue colour in glass and paints. It is not a rare element even though pure cobalt is not found in nature. 

Cobalt occurs in conjunction with other elements in such metals as carrollite, a copper-cobalt-(nickel) sulphide; skutterudite, a cobalt-nickel arsenide and asbolane, a nickel-cobalt-manganese oxide. 

Cobalt is obtained from the following three main types of ore deposits: (1) Sediment-hosted stratiform copper deposits such as those in the Central African copper belt in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) andZambia; (2) magmatic nickel sulphide deposits, such as those found at Sudbury Canada and at NorilskRussia; and (3) nickel laterite deposits, which are found in such tropical regions as New Caledonia (overseas territory of France). 

The read the full July 2017 Special Report on “lithium and cobalt metals markets booming”: 

The report can also be accessed on my website page: 

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Marino G. Pieterse, publisher and editor

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