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Today, Commerce Resources Corp. has announced entering into a MOU with NorFalco, one of North America’s largest suppliers of sulphuric acid, which is one of the largest consumables in the flowsheet of Commerce’s Ashram REE Project in Quebec, Canada. NorFalco, a division of Glencore Canada Corp., trades about 2 million tonnes of sulphuric acid annually. According to the agreement, NorFalco wants to be the sole provider of sulphuric acid for Ashram and sell it to Commerce at highly competitive prices and terms.

It is not hard to see the depth and reasoning behind such an agreement as Glencore is far more than a sulphuric acid supplier as they made a $2 billion profit last year. Glencore trades over 90 commodities, including fluorspar, which Commerce has recently identified as a potential by-product. The fluorspar supply market is dominated by China and Mexico with essentially no production from the USA or Canada although there is significant consumption in that part of the world. Commerce and its Ashram Project may be uniquely positioned to capitalize on this geographic “hole” in supply, with Glencore as their partner.

Today’s deal is, at a minimum, a strong vote of confidence from a major industry player that Commerce’s Ashram Project has legs and is well positioned to advance to production.

Chris Grove commented in today’s news:

“We are very excited to be working with NorFalco, an industry leader in marketing, trading, and distribution of sulphuric acid. This agreement is a significant first step in what we expect to be a meaningful ongoing supply relationship with NorFalco. The nature of this agreement today is that it is a benefit to the Ashram Project with favourable pricing for one of the largest project consumables. We look forward to working with NorFalco.”

The high discount on the market price of sulphuric acid, the largest consumable in Ashram’s processing, will be incorporated into the ongoing Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS), with costs and benefits to be described in more detail therein. Additionally, fluorspar as a potential by-product will be included in the PFS (not considered in the 2012-PEA), which has the potential to increase operating margins even further.


As both graphs from December 2015 show, Ashram’s projected OPEX are already projected to be the lowest of a select peer group, whereas its operating margins are not only the highest but more importantly positive, i.e. projected to make a profit even at current low REE market prices, which may sound like music to the ears of some majors.

When Commerce achieved a 42% TREO mineral concentrate at 76% recovery (October 19, 2015), it also resulted in a fluorspar concentrate with a grade of ~75% CaF2 (“met-grade”, i.e. metallurgical grade) at 80% recovery. This information was published on March 1, 2016. Commerce also disclosed that they will work towards the production of samples from its pilot plant for evaluation.

It will be very interesting to see if this news from today is the start of a series of deals with other companies who see this news as being the fundamental “turning point” for the Ashram project – the point after which these other companies may need to express their interest in working also with Commerce, the point at which we will say they will “put their money where their mouth is”.


About NorFalco

NorFalco is a company built from the combined histories of Noranda, Falconbridge, Xstrata and Glencore. In 2013, Xstrata merged with Glencore to form one of the world’s largest global diversified natural resource companies. NorFalco Inc. is headquartered in Seven Hills, Ohio, with a subsidiary, NorFalco Sales Inc., in Mississauga, Ontario.

NorFalco is one of North America’s largest traders of sulfuric acid, responsible for the marketing and distribution of about 2 million tonnes per year. Through parent company Glencore, NorFalco has exclusive access to sulfuric acid production from four major North American production facilities and to an unrivaled global sulfuric acid supply and trading network. Additionally, NorFalco has offtake agreements with several other Producers outside of the Glencore group. Norfalco’s fully integrated distribution network, comprising of rail cars, trucks, barges, vessels, trans-load terminals and import terminals, is one the most expansive and reliable networks in North America. These production, marketing, and distribution strengths help ensure excellent reliability to a diverse range of consumers across more than 20 different industries. The company is a Responsible Care® company with the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada. NorFalco is committed to delivering “More than H2SO4 “. This means delivering customer solutions that make it easy to order, receive and use sulfuric acid in a safe and reliable manner.

Sulfuric acid is a powerful, virtually irreplaceable constituent of countless industrial processes. It is used in the manufacture of products such as fertilizers, paints and pigments, explosives, pulp and paper, plastics, detergents, textiles, batteries and a variety of specialty chemicals. It is also used for processing mineral ores, metal refining, petrochemical processing and water treatment. NorFalco markets sulfuric acid in strengths from 93% to 99% concentration. From the four plants of our parent Glencore and Noranda Income Fund, we ship about 2 million tons of sulfuric acid per year by road, rail and vessel, safely delivering tens of thousands of shipments annually. The plants produce sulfuric acid in a variety of grades meeting industry standard requirements such as Technical, Commercial and Battery Electrolyte.

Our commitment to delivering more than H2SO4 means:

• Reliable and secure supply
• Safe deliveries and Responsible Care
• Technical support delivered to customers’ sites
• 24/7 customer service support
• Dependable multiple-plant sourcing
• Consistent quality
• Multi-modal logistics system
• Extensive terminal network
• Experienced sales force
• Direct working relationship with the producer
• Access to Glencore’s global supply network

More information: 

Source: NorFalco



About Fluorspar

Approximately two-thirds of the fluorspar market is acid-grade, which is primarily used in the production of aluminum and in the manufacture of hydrofluoric acid. The remaining one-third of the market is dominated by met-grade which is primarily used as flux in steel making to lower melting temperature and remove impurities. China, and to a lesser extent Mexico, dominate global fluorspar production which is estimated by the USGS to be approximately 6.9 million tonnes per annum (2014).



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08.04.2016 10:35:33
NorFalco to supply Commerce mine with sulacid

Houston, 7 April (Argus) — NorFalco has signed a 5-year deal to be the sole supplier of sulphuric acid for Commerce Resources´ Ashram mining project in Quebec.

Commerce requires sulphuric acid for thermal cracking of the mill concentrate from its Ashram rare earth deposit located in northern Quebec. NorFalco has exclusive access to acid from plants at four locations in Canada, including two in Quebec in Rouyn-Noranda and Valleyfield.

The Ashram project is in the pre-feasibility stage. No date was given for the start up.

"This agreement is a significant first step in what we expect to be a meaningful ongoing supply relationship with NorFalco," Commerce president Chris Grove said. "It is a benefit to the Ashram Project with favorable pricing for one of the largest project consumables."

Sulphuric acid consumption at the Ashram Project for acid cracking is estimated at 178,000 t/yr, per the preliminary economic assessment for the project.

NorFalco is one of the largest merchant marketers of sulphuric acid in North America and sells and distributes about 2mn t/yr.

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Name: Commerce Resources Corp.
Canada Symbol: CCE
Germany Symbol / WKN: D7H / A0J2Q3
Shares Issued & Outstanding: 234,409,864
Phone: +1 604 484 2700

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