Zinc8`s cutting-edge battery technology aligns perfectly with his work to expand battery storage capabilities in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Full size / SourceiPark campuses are built and owned by National Resources LLC, a real estate company founded in 1988 which has successfully redeveloped over $1 billion of mixed-use projects between New York and Connecticut, specializing in public/private partnerships that seek to revitalize former industrial sites and waterfronts. Today, National Resources is positioning itself at the forefront of designing and building mixed-use “iPark” campuses around the New York metro area, with a focus on film studios, food manufacturing, and other industries. (Source)

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Charles Ellis ("Chuck") Schumer issued a press-release urging Zinc8 Energy Solutions Inc. (CSE: ZAIR) to expand its battery manufacturing operations to Ulster County´s former TechCity site – once the global home to innovation and the birthplace of IBM.

The Town of Ulster and neighboring City of Kingston are located some 90 minutes north of New York City on Interstate 87, the main highway between Manhattan and Montreal, Canada´s second-most populous city.

Senator Schumer´s press-release states that "the historic $6 billion in federal incentives he passed in the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to expand U.S.-based battery technologies can help supercharge Zinc8’s future in New York." 

Today, Zinc8 Energy Solutions Inc. announced: "the Senator has connected with the CEO of Zinc8 Energy Solutions, Ron MacDonald, to consider the Town of Ulster as a potential site for a manufacturing facility and cement the state of New York´s leadership as an emerging global battery manufacturing hub. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, signed into law in 2021, has set aside $6 billion for federal incentives meant to expand capabilities of the U.S.-based battery research and development, bolster domestic battery production, and shore up the American supply chain in an industry often reliant on foreign sources. The carbon reduction policies and programs of the Biden Administration and the State of New York are instrumental for companies such as Zinc8 to bring leading edge clean energy solutions to full commercialization and the well paying sustainable employment in the new Green economy." 

Zinc8 CEO Ron MacDonald commented: "Zinc8 is evaluating potential manufacturing sites in the Northeastern US and have been very impressed with the locations and related facilities in New York. Having the support of Senator Schumer for our company and technology will weigh heavily on our decisions on where to locate our first major production facility."

Click above player or here to watch the interview with CEO Ron MacDonald following today´s news.

Senator Schumer´s press-release


Zinc8 Is Considering Ulster As Site Of Their New Manufacturing Facility; Schumer Says Former IBM TechCity Site, Now Called iPark87, That He Fought Hard To Get Cleaned Up, Is Primed For Investment

After Securing Billions To Implement Federal Battery Manufacturing And R&D Incentives To Boost Companies’ Cutting-Edge Tech In NY, Senator Pushes To Land Zinc8 And Cement NY’s Leadership As Emerging Global Battery Hub

Schumer To Zinc8: Picking Ulster County Will Be A Win-Win-Win: Revitalizing iPark87, Creating Clean-Energy Jobs, And Supercharging Fight Against Climate Change

Following his successful push to have the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cleanup the former TechCity campus in the Town of Ulster, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer personally called Ron MacDonald, CEO of Zinc8 a cutting-edge battery and energy-storage technologies company, to urge them to expand their operations in Ulster and bring hundreds of clean-energy jobs to the Hudson Valley. 

Schumer made clear that Ulster’s former TechCity campus, now known as iPark 87, has all the right ingredients to become the home to their next major facility, and said that the historic $6 billion in federal incentives he passed in the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to expand U.S.-based battery technologies can help supercharge Zinc8’s future in New York. 

“Zinc8’s interest in expanding hundreds of new jobs into the Hudson Valley at Ulster County’s former TechCity site, now called iPark87, would be a win-win-win. A once-contaminated asbestos dumping ground can be revitalized and once again be the beating heart of Ulster County’s economy, all while powering a cleaner, brighter future, fighting climate change, and creating hundreds of good-paying jobs,” said Senator Schumer. “I made it clear to Zinc8 CEO, Ron MacDonald, that I stand ready to help their potential expansion in the Hudson Valley in any way, including fighting to secure the historic federal battery research & development incentives I passed in the Bipartisan Infrastructure & Jobs Law. Zinc8’s investment in the Hudson Valley would further power New York’s leadership as a global battery manufacturing hub.” 

Schumer explained that Zinc8 specializes in flow battery technology that relies on regenerating zinc particles to store and dispatch energy and has recently sought to expand its efforts towards commercialization. The senator explained that Zinc8 is now potentially looking at New York to scale its production with a multi-million dollar investment that would supercharge efforts to revitalize Ulster County’s former economic hub while putting the Hudson Valley and the broader Upstate New York region on the map as a global leader in clean-energy technology. Schumer said that batteries and energy storage are integral to everyday life, helping to power everything from mobile phones to electric vehicles, but unfortunately, much of the manufacturing of this critical technology has been offshored, leaving the country vulnerable to supply chain disruptions that can raise costs for working families and jeopardize U.S. jobs and national security. Schumer explained that expanding domestic manufacturing of battery technology, like he urged Zinc8 to do in Ulster, is integral to America’s future. 

“We thank Senator Schumer for his tireless work in getting the former TechCity campus cleaned up and returned to its status as the economic hub of Ulster County. As we work to attract new businesses to the site, Senator Schumer has been an invaluable resource to us and we are thrilled about the prospect of Zinc8 bringing up to 500 new jobs to the region as a cutting edge company at the forefront of our clean energy future,” said Mike Oates President and CEO of the Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation. 

“From day one, Senator Schumer has been with us at the forefront of revitalizing the former IBM campus, returning it to its rightful place as the beating heart of our reenergized and revamped Ulster County economy,” County Executive Pat Ryan said. “Thanks to our longtime partnership with Senator Schumer and his fierce advocacy in working with us, EPA and National Resources to clean up this campus, iPark87 can now be a home to Zinc8 and other companies. We are excited about the opportunity to bring over 500 clean energy jobs to our area and expect thousands more to come as a result of our work.”

Schumer has a long history fighting to revitalize the former TechCity campus. In July of 2021, Schumer personally visited the asbestos-contaminated TechCity site, calling on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to fully clean up and restore Ulster County’s former economic engine, once the 30-year home of IBM. Following his visit, Natural Resources bought the property from the former owner. This month, after Schumer’s advocacy, the firm reached an agreement with EPA to remove the asbestos piles, green lighting the site for thousands of new potential jobs and businesses to come to the campus.  

Schumer explained that one of these potential businesses is Zinc8, which produces battery technology using zinc and air as fuel. Schumer said that this unique zinc-air energy storage system has the goal of introducing a certified commercial product in 2023 and that this cutting-edge battery technology aligns perfectly with his work to expand battery storage capabilities in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Specifically, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act set aside $6 billion for federal incentives meant to expand capabilities of U.S.-based battery research and development, bolster domestic battery production, and shore up the American supply chain in an industry often reliant on foreign sources. This push also runs concurrent with other efforts Senator Schumer has led across New York to bolster battery manufacturing, including securing Binghamton University’s New Energy NY Proposal’s spot as a finalist in the EDA Regional Challenge for tens of millions in federal investment to create a battery research and manufacturing hub in the Southern Tier and broader Upstate New York region. Schumer, Binghamton University President Harvey Stenger, and Dr. Stan Whittingham, the 2019 winner of the Nobel Prize in chemistry for his work on the development of lithium ion batteries, recently penned a joint op-ed on the importance of bolstering battery technology for America’s future

In April, Zinc8 was named a "Best-in-Class" solution in the Energy Storage Category for the Real Estate Board of New York´s ("REBNY") 2022 PropTech Challenge.


About Senator Chuck Schumer

«Success requires that academia, industry and government work together. We are united in making that happen.» (Senator Chuck Schumer)

Full size / U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer / Source

Chuck Schumer serves as Senate Majority Leader since January 20, 2021. The majority leader serves as the chief representative of their party in the Senate, and is considered the most powerful member of the Senate. A member of the Democratic Party, Schumer is the senior United States senator from New York, a seat he has held since 1999. In 2016, Schumer was once again re-elected by the people of New York and at the same time, his colleagues elected him to serve as Chair of the Democratic Caucus of the United States Senate, the first time a New York Senator has held the position.

Senator Schumer has long been leading the charge at the federal level to make electric vehicles affordable, expand electric vehicle infrastructure, and batter manufacturing in the U.S. In October 2019, Schumer unveiled his Clean Cars For America Climate Proposal to help accelerate the transition to net-zero carbon emissions by mid-century by making clean cars and charging infrastructure accessible and affordable to all Americans, all while investing in the domestic manufacturing of electric vehicles and batteries to ensure the U.S. leads the world in this industry.  

Former IBM site begins new chapter as iPark 87

Full size / Source: "IBM, Ulster County’s largest employer came – and went" (2021)

As announced in June 2022: "The Ulster County Economic Development Alliance (UCEDA) has approved a landmark purchase and sale agreement to spur redevelopment of the former IBM site. National Resources will now begin extensive $200+ million investment to revitalize the site and position it for substantial growth and local job creation... In the coming weeks and months, National Resources and Ulster County are planning to make transformational announcements about future tenants and site remediation. County Executive Pat Ryan has made the revitalization of the site a key pillar of his administration. The continued progress on the site comes after the site sat vacant for decades."

Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan said: “We’re thrilled to make it official and celebrate the launch of iPark 87. With proven partners like National Resources, I’m confident the future is bright for this site; and I’m committed to ensuring that every single resident of our county benefits as it comes back to life as the center of our County’s new economic future. This deal is a monumental step towards realizing the bold vision we outlined in our Ulster 2040 strategy. In the coming weeks, we will be announcing more exciting details about future plans and tenants…so stay tuned!”

President of National Resources Joseph Cotter said: "National Resources is excited for the transformation of this campus that the residents of Ulster County have long awaited. Once the closing is complete, we expect to move quickly to address remaining environmental issues and to announce near-term tenants that will bring high quality jobs and economic activity back to this important site," 

President and CEO of the Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation Mike Oates said: "The acquisition of the former IBM campus by National Resources is an astounding accomplishment for Ulster County, which puts this long-dormant site on the map as one of the most significant economic development locations in the State of New York. A special thank you to County Executive Ryan and his team for all of their efforts to make this a reality.  I look forward to many exciting announcements to come as tenants line up to be a part of iPark 87.” 

Click above player or here to watch. / Source:

"We can become a national hub for battery innovation, manufacturing and workforce development," said M. Stanley Whittingham, Binghamton´s distinguished professor, researcher, and 2019 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry for inventing the lithium-ion battery. "We know that, with initiatives like our BatteryNY and NENY programs and the technology initiatives put forth by Sen. Schumer in his USICA proposal, we can bring back manufacturing to the U.S., we can bring back jobs and we will help make the U.S. a global leader in battery storage technologies as well all types of advanced manufacturing again." (Source)

New Energy NY (NENY)

"Establishing a National Hub for Battery Innovation, Manufacturing, and Workforce Development in Upstate New York"

Full sizeSource

The NENY project, led by Binghamton University, brings together a robust coalition of diverse partners from academia, non-profit and government.

ENERGY STORAGE INNOVATION: "The project will establish New York State as the premier destination for realizing energy storage technologies and startups from prototyping to scale-up to manufacturing. While leveraging and expanding existing successful programs, it will develop new programs for proof-of-concept support, acceleration of nascent and mature startups, and the development of new incubation models and facilities."

Click above player or here to watch.

"Within NYS, a hub has emerged in Broome County and the surrounding Southern Tier, catalyzed by unparalleled initiatives from NYSERDA, ground-breaking R&D and consortium efforts at Binghamton University led by 2019 Nobel Laureate M. Stanley Whittingham, and the 2017 launch of the NYSERDA Southern Tier Clean Energy Incubator (SCI) by Binghamton University, and coalition members NY-BEST and IncubatorWorks, which has served 45 U.S. and international companies. One notable SCI client, iM3NY is building a Li-ion battery gigafactory in qualified federal Opportunity Zones in Endicott, NY, projected to generate >1000 new direct jobs over the next 5 years. The launch of the gigafactory is also expected to result in regional contracts with various OEMs and companies in the battery supply chains, as well as in the expansion of various supply chain companies to the region. With the support of the EDA, New Energy NY will capitalize on these opportunities and leverage existing resources throughout NYS to build out an internationally competitive energy storage innovation cluster strengthened by the projects outlined below... 5. Storage AccelerationThe project will establish NYS as the premier destination for realizing energy storage technologies and startups from prototyping to scale-up to manufacturing. For early-stage technology development, the project will merge the Binghamton University XCEED technology accelerator with the SUNY Startup Summer School (S4) to provide comprehensive customer discovery and startup training with prototyping and testing components, leading to formation of fundable storage-related startups. More mature startups will be channeled through a later-stage accelerator delivered by The Clean Fight NY to advances them towards manufacturing readiness, helping secure pilot sites, manufacturing and strategic partners, and investors... The final component of the project will address the fact that battery technologies are of national security interest and may be subject to export control regulations that mitigate against foreign influence. We will provide guidance, a certification process, and funding for qualified incubators to develop new or modify existing facilities (partitioning, monitoring, surveillance), and support operations to allow export-controlled R&D." (Source)

Click above player or here to watch. / Source:

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