MGX Minerals Inc. and its technology partner, PurLucid, have now fully integrated their respective technologies. MGX today announced the successful completion of its first pilot plant in Canada´s oil and gas "capital", Calgary (Alberta), and that operational testing has started. The pilot plant aims to demonstrate to be capable of economically separating impurities from oil and gas wastewater, allowing for lithium and magnesium extraction as well as reuse and repurpose of industrial water and brine.

This pilot plant, which the company calls "Li-1", has an initial capacity of 20 m3 per day and can be expanded 5-fold to 100 m3 per day.

Most interestingly, MGX noted that operational testing "is currently underway to finalize technical specifications for contractual arrangements with industrial and oil and gas partners" (e.g. lithium end-users as well as oil and gas producers).

Although the technology has been verified independently (at lab-scale), strategic partners require "hard facts" (i.e. economics from actual test operations). Soon, such data will be available, whereafter the execution of strategic partnerships is expected. 

CEO Jared Lazerson said in today´s news that this pilot plant "represents the physical and operational templates that move us from bench scale to the field and provide the engineering basis for large commercial systems (>1500 m3/day) we expect to deploy into MGX´s property and partner base".

MGX is so certain that the pilot plant will produce positive results that concurrently with pilot plant testing, fabrication of a commercial-scale system capable of processing 200 m3/day is already underway and expected to be ready for deployment in Q4 of 2017. 

Based on results of pilot plant testing, the company plans to ship commercial-scale systems to sites in the US and Canada beginning in Q1 of 2018.

Thanks to today´s landmark announcement, investors now have a "road map" to commercial production in hand. As results from operational testing are expected shortly, strategic patnership may immediately follow thereafter. The time is now ripe for MGX to demonstrate economic viabilty of its disruptive technology. 

Company Details

MGX Minerals Inc.
#303 - 1080 Howe Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6C 2T1
Phone: +1 604 681 7735 

Shares Issued & Outstanding: 68,116,018


Canadian Symbol (CSE): XMG
Current Price: $0.88 CAD (07/31/2017)
Market Capitalization: $60 Million CAD


German Symbol / WKN (Frankfurt): 1MG / A12E3P
Current Price: €0.598 EUR (07/31/2017)
Market Capitalization: €41 Million EUR 

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Disclaimer: Please read the full disclaimer within the full research report as a PDF (here) as fundamental risks and conflicts of interest exist. The author hold a long position in MGX Minerals Inc. and is being paid a monthly retainer from Zimtu Capital Corp., which company also holds a long position in MGX Minerals Inc.

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Name: MGX Minerals Inc.
Canada Symbol: XMG
Germany Symbol / WKN: 1MG / A12E3P
Shares Issued & Outstanding: 68,116,018
Phone: +1 604 681 7735

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