El Gobierno cesara al presidente de la SEPI este viernes tras su imputacion por la venta de una mina

Vicente Fernández Guerrero, President of SEPI. J. J. GUILLÉN

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The Government will dismiss the president of SEPI this Friday after his accusation for the sale of a mine

The Audience of Seville has reopened the case for alleged irregularities in the award of Aznalcóllar

The Seville Provincial Court has reopened the case for the award of the Aznalcóllar mine (Seville) and has charged Vicente Fernández Guerrero, president of SEPI (Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales), which at the time of the award was high office of the Junta de Andalucía. Fernandez has placed his position at the disposal of the Government, specifically, has sent a letter to the Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus Montero, who depends on this state company, after learning the order of the Hearing, issued by Judge Mercedes Alaya, who investigated the case of the ERE. The departure of Fernandez will be formalized in the Council of Ministers this Friday, according to government sources.

Montero has declared: "We must let justice act, but I must remember that it has been a case that has been filed on two occasions and is part of the tasks developed by this person during his previous stage. It has nothing to do with the development of his current activity. 

Vicente Fernández, according to sources in his environment, stressed that he felt obliged to make his position available to the ministry (although at no time does he refer directly to the term "resignation"). On the charge itself, he recalled that this judicial investigation has already been filed previously and that he is willing to testify on the matter in order to clarify his role.

The case reopened by the Seville Provincial Court investigates alleged irregularities in the adjudication of the rights to exploit the Aznalcóllar mining deposit in 2015. The companies Minorbis-Grupo Mexico won the tender in February 2015 and then the losing firm Emerita denounced in court the alleged rigging of the public call. Emerita´s project offered an investment of 641 million compared to the 304 million of the alliance Minorbis-Grupo Mexico, despite which the second won the contest with 75.9 points out of 73.6 of the losing offer.

Emerita Resources had appealed up to six times, in which the court had dismissed the appeal. Judge Alaya reopened the case, which had been filed twice.

Isidro and Mario López Magdaleno, vice president and president of Magtel, are also called to testify. The writ points to the alleged influence peddling by the López Magdaleno brothers because of their friendly relationship with Vicente Fernández, who had asked to testify before the judge on two occasions. The appeal also calls for several officials to be investigated for alleged crimes of concealment, false testimony, falsehood and obstruction of justice.

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