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Summer News

It´s been a busy first half of 2017 and plans are heating up!
Here´s a few things we´ve been up to:

DC Water Headquarters Project 

Construction is now underway on the new 150,000-square-foot, six-story headquarters facility for the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (DC Water). DC Water’s $60 million building is being constructed on the waterfront of the Anacostia River in Southeast Washington, DC, and employs many advanced strategies that will surpass LEED® Platinum certification.
DC Water expects to install IWS’ SHARC™ system in the Fall 2017. The SHARC will allow the building to use wastewater as a source of thermal energy to condition the building. This marks a historic moment, as DC Water headquarters will become the first commercial building in the US to use this technology.

An investment in the SHARC system provides a lifetime of returns. With governments and private organizations establishing sustainable design organizations and requirements, IWS’ major showcase in the Nation’s capital should lead to many more installations throughout the U.S. and around the world.
Innovation and Impact Symposium

CEO Lynn Mueller was a panelist for the Innovation and Impact Symposium held by Prospect Silicon Valley at Microsoft Silicon Valley on June 14, 2017. 
The event featured the region´s leaders from the startup, corporate, public and research communities to examine what it takes to integrate and implement innovative distributed solutions for maximum impact. Lynn presented alongside many established cleantech innovators including Diarmuid O´Connell (VP of Business Development at Tesla Motors), Gil Friend (CSO for City of Palo Alto), Ryan Popple (CEO of Proterra). 
ASHRAE at Andina Brewing Co.

On May 4th, 2017, IWS hosted a meeting for The Young Engineers of ASHRAE® (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers), at Andina Brewing.
The team and guests were treated to a tour of the facilities and our PIRANHA installation, while enjoying craft beer flights.

Andina is the latest brewery to open in East Vancouver and have made a commitment to reducing their environmental footprint.
What´s Happening in the UK
Awards and Recognition

The installation of UK’s first SHARC energy recovery system at Scottish Borders College, Galashiels, has been listed as a finalist in the “Environmental Association for Universities & Colleges” (EAUC) Green Gown Awards.

The EAUC represents 200 university, college, and learning and skills providers in the UK. With over 2 million students, nearly 400,000 staff, and a spending budget of over £25 billion across the whole of the UK, the EAUC is the sustainability champion for universities and colleges and seeks to drive sustainability to the heart of further and higher education.

See the 2017 finalists here.

Covered by BBC.
Bandwidth Project

Final designs for the installation of SHARC systems at the Aqualibrium Leisure Centre and Kelvingrove Museum in Scotland are now signed-off and submitted for pre-construction consent. The SHARC’s innovative technology will use wastewater to generate renewable heat, producing considerable savings in energy and reductions in carbon emissions.

The development of these two projects marks a significant step for SHARC Energy Systems as they work to support the Scottish Government’s emission targets. The Aqualibrium Leisure Centre and Kelvingrove Museum are two of the five contracts awarded by the Scottish Government, with an additional 750 sites identified for conversion.

Read the full press release here.
In the News
Historic Starting Shot in Scotland; A Billion Dollar Opportunity Becomes Game Changer

“IWS announced that its wholly owned subsidiary SHARC Energy Systems (UK) Ltd. formed a strategic alliance with Scottish Water Horizons Ltd., the commercial subsidiary of Scottish Water, a public water utility owned 100% by the Scottish Government.”
“This means that IWS will receive a total of £9.8 million for the installation of 5 SHARC systems, which puts the price tag for a single SHARC at £1.96 million ($3.5 million CAD) on average. If indeed 750 SHARC systems will be installed in Scotland, it becomes clear that this represents a £1.5 billion GBP ($2.6 billion CAD) opportunity for IWS. On top of all that, IWS will receive 20 years of renewable heat incentive payments”

Read the full article here.
Hidden Heat in Sewers Could Warm Glasgow Through Winter

“Scotland’s sewers contain enough natural and discarded heat to warm a city the size of Glasgow for more than four months a year. 921 million litres of wastewater and sewage- enough to fill 360 Olympic swimming pools- are flushed down Scots toilets and plugholes every day. Capturing the warmth contained in it could prevent more than 10,000 tonnes of harmful CO2 entering the atmosphere every year.”

“The UK’s first wastewater heat recovery system was installed at Borders College in Galashiels in 2015. It captures warmth from sewage and uses it to heat classrooms on campus.”

Read the full article here.
Project Generating Heat From Sewers Given Funding Boost

“An innovative scheme to generate heat from sewers is among a raft of green initiatives that will share £43 million of new funding from the Scottish Government. It represents one of the largest direct energy investments in the last 10 years and is expected to be matched with at least a further £43 million from the public and private sectors.”

“Canadian-owned firm SHARC Energy Systems was awarded grant support to install waste water heat recovery systems at five locations across Scotland.”

Read the full article here.
About Us Our Team
Pär Dalin
Advisory Board
-Chairman and Partner of DEVCCO- District Energy Venture. 
-The Swedish representative and chairman for district cooling in    Euroheat & Power, Brussels.
-District Energy advisor to UN and the Swedish Environmental  Protection Agency.
“I personally believe the simplicity of exchanging thermal energy within the wastewater stream in every city in the world makes the application of the Sharc and Piranha technologies an absolute must do.  Reusing the massive amount of energy in the wastewater flow allows a city to seriously reduce the carbon footprint and reduce water usage. It has been my lifelong mission to make the world more livable and even if you don’t believe in Global Warming, recovering waste energy is the right thing to do. International Wastewater Systems is leading the world in the right direction.”
Michael Horner
-3rd year Mechanical Engineering Student, UBC
-With IWS until September 2017
-Working on product design and feasibility studies

"It is nice to see existing technology used in a novel way. There is a tremendous amount of potential in wastewater as an energy source."
Trevor Alexander
-5th year Environmental Engineering Student, Joint Degree UBC/ UNBC
-With IWS until September 2017
-Working on product design, manufacturing, implementation, and maintenance 

"I feel very fortunate to be working for such a forward-thinking company. The technology has great potential to meaningfully reduce the carbon emissions associated with HVAC systems."
The future is bright for IWS!
Please drop us a line if you have any questions or comments and thank you for taking the time to read this message.  If you haven´t yet, you can add us on Twitter,  LinkedIn and Google+ or visit our website for the latest news.


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